Become a Service Provider

Become an approved Service Provider

Izinga utilises a variety of service providers across the country to provide services to our clients.  If you would like to become an approved Izinga service provider, you can apply  on this page.

The 3-step application process, together with the requirements is outlined below.


Application Process

Step 1: Apply Online


In the first step of the application process, a supplier completes an online application form.

The following information is required:


  • Business profile [PDF / Word format]
  • Photos of vehicles & facilities, if applicable [JPG format]
  • Trade certificates, if applicable [PDF / JPG format]
  • BEE Certificate or auditor’s letter [PDF / JPG format]
  • ID documents of owner(s) and artisan(s) [PDF / JPG format]
  • Registration numbers to regulatory bodies, if applicable
  • Company contact information
  • Area(s) of operation
  • Number of teams available
Step 2: Evaluation

The Izinga procurement department reviews the application, and determines if your company is eligible, and which services your company could be used.

Thereafter, the following process will take place:


  • You will be notified about the outcome of your application, accompanied by a motivation for the set outcome via email.
  • If your application is successful, we will provide you with a supplier login account for the company.
Step 3: Set up & activate your company


You will log into the Izinga Supplier Portal to confirm details, add your company’s locations and agree to our service provision agreements to activate your company on our systems.

Please note: Your company’s account & the services you provide will not be active on our systems until you have completed this step.

You will be able to:


  • Confirm your company information
  • Confirm your branches / locations
  • Confirm the services that we would like you to provide for us
  • Agree to & accept Izinga SLA’s and contracted pricing structures for services
  • Add your company’s banking details
  • Activate your company’s account on our systems
  • Create additional staff accounts to help you manage your company


Apply Now

  • All LEGAL applications are done online – we do not provide any alternates to the online process.
  • All OTHER applications are done via our procurement department. Contact Digicall Solutions to apply.

LEGAL SUPPLIERS: Click here to apply

OTHER SUPPLIERS: Click here to apply